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We are an Image Advertising Service Provider.


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Our BCA strategy is what we are all about. Our goal is probably of the simplest kind:
Your Complete Satisfaction.


Needs are different for every business venture. Clients are unique. Client’s needs, work type, and project size vary constantly. Nera focuses on individual needs. Clients’ needs are viewed individually, and dealt with in the same manner, no matter how big or small they may be.



A beyond the guidelines unique approach. Not knowing limits will most likely bring one to an impasse. Guidelines are safe, and always have a sure and predictable  result. Is the sure result what you should be looking for? How sure are your customers of you? Is your company reaching those customers that are looking beyond?



Our customized ‘Full Packages’  is why  we don’t just do business, but become part of your own business. We take time to understand in full our client’s goals (his company’s mission, structure, products, strategies, target market) all  in order to offer you our personalized customer care. Our service packages and personality in helping your business, go hand in hand for Nera Graphics, and are what our company service is most recognized for.



The NERA Team comes from a diversified background. Whether Graphic Arts, Photography, Web Development, Web Design, Advertising or Corporate Marketing, the team of Nera Graphics aspire to the challenge.
Personal approaches that stand by your side, strategic avenues with strong foundations.

Commit to NERA Graphics.

Effective, sharp, and all around imaginative solutions.

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